Dirac Version / Upgrading It?

Please correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is the version of Dirac that comes with the SA30 is a scaled back version, am I right?

If so what functionality is missing from it, I’ve heard mentioned it may only address any Bass issues and you can’t adjust the higher frequencies, does anyone know if that’s correct?

I was also looking at possibly buying the full version, has anyone done this and what advantages did it bring and also how did you do it, and do you just pay the difference in cost between a scaled back and a full version or do you have to buy the full version outright?

Overall I’m happy with 95% of what the default curve has produced but I play quite a bit of Genesis and some of the vocals are quite elevated / screetchy, I’d like to be able just to take that edge off, even if it’s saved as a 2nd curve and only used for certain artists / songs.

SA30 comes with full Dirac version and supports full bandwidth.
There are some devices with DL Lite version (up to 500Hz), but that’s for example NAD gear, and for those you can buy full license.

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Cheers for that … much appreciated!

That is really good to know, I was not aware of that either :+1: