Cannot adjust volume through eArc using Samsung TV

I own an Arcam SA30 that I bought as a demo unit from a reputable arcam dealer that did all the firmware update to the latest version.

Since I bought it, the eArc has been working fine soundwise, but I cannot seem to be able to adjust volume using either my Samsung TV remote or my apple TV remote. On the left-hand side of the TV, the arcam name appears when I try to change volume, and there is the small animation suggesting that volume is being modified, but nothing happens. I can nevertheless mute the sound from the arcam using the mute button of both apple tv and tv. I am running with a brand new audioquest HDMI cable, and the TV is a couple month old.

Is there anyone that has an idea on how to fix this issue? Sadly, I cannot localize another TV with eArc to try another source.

Thank you very much in advance

Hi Ezareth, welcome to the forum!

Did you have a look at the TV Volume option? Please assure it’s set to auto. If this doesn’t help then try to toggle the other related options like TV Power and TV Audio. These options can be found by pressing the MENU key on the remote control or front panel. Next go to Audio settings.

Refer to page E-21 of the user manual:


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Hi jvs1,

Thank you for your very prompt answer. I feel a bit dumb, but this was indeed that easy of a fix. The TV volume was off on my arcam.

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No worries, this community is to help people out. Nice to read it solved your issue.