ARC: Distorsion, ref#117

Good evening,

I’am new to this forum and first of all say hallo to everyone.

SA30 bought in december 2020, updated to FW 867, version 1.41

Turn on SA30, turn on TV Philips with ARC 1.4

Sound ok, but after 3-4 minutes distorsion starts, becomes stronger and stronger to a point where speach is not understandable any more. After 5-6 minutes distorsion gets less and less and after 10 minutes everthing is ok and remains ok.

Have tried the following steps:

When distorsion starts unplug HDMI on Amp side. Wait 10 seconds an re-plug.

Result 1: Sound ok, but distorsion starts again after 1 minute and follows same track l as described above

Result 2: No sound at all and no way to get it back even if un-plugged => re-plugged …
Switch off SA30, turn on SA30 sound ok some times remains ok sometimes as above

So far I have no Dirac live curve implemented

Has anybody the same issue?


Hi Oscar, welcome to the forum!

I use ARC with an Samsung TV and I have never experienced the behaviour you described. I hear now and then some pops and audio hiccups through ARC, however I’m always able to understand the audio dialogue. Please refer to the existing topic ARC: audio interruptions are noticeable, ref#92 for audio recordings.

Could you please detail on the TV model used? And if possible could you please record some audio and attach it to this topic?


I’m in the exact samed situation than JVS1 :slight_smile: sound drops with a Samsung (mine is Q95T) but no distortion over ARC.
In my case eARC does not work at all but it is anyway not needed for 2 Channels PCM.

I think the distortion over ARC is related to the specific Philips TV model. @LSNE just in order to pinpoint the cause is it possible to try with another TV set?

Indeed eARC has no added value in combination with SA30. According to Wikipedia eARC is added to the HDMI v1.2 standard in order to support object-based audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Hi jvs1,

Thanks for your mail. It’s an older model ~2012. 46PFL9705k/02. The HDMI 1.4 is an ARC if forgot to mention this. I will try to record something this weekend. Difficult to test on an other TV

Hiccups I do have as well let’s say once an hour. One of these was so strong that the SA30 shut down, I assume there an protection system.

Thanks for the additional information on the TV model. I think an audio recording would be helpful for trouble shooting this issue.

I never encountered a shutdown as a protection measure for a audio hiccups over ARC. These kinds of shutdowns sound concerning, could you please elaborate on this? E.g. did it happen only once, was there a loud volume? Did you contact formal Arcam support about this already?

Shut down happend only once. I have the amp since ~5 weeks. Volume was average, the hiccup however was strong and extremly sharp. So far I did not contact Arcam support nor my dealer.

I have done a recording with my cell phone held in front of a speaker. I wanted to record an english speaking channel but firstly got something for very young children wiht very little talking, so at 5:01 I swichted to an other channel. Anyway the distorsion is clearly audible.

First I turned TV on than right next the SA30. I started the recording as soon as the sound got out of the speakers driven by SA30.

Distorsion starts at ~1:50 and gets worse. At 5:01 changed channel and still can hear important distorsion. At 6:40 it starts getting better at 7:20 may be 7:40 it is gone.

Except for changing the channel at 5:01 I have not touched any button.

Can not upload the file as it is a .wav . Will try to make an mp3 out of it. Got it in mp3 but trying to upload I get a notice that new users are not allowed to do so.

Was just granted basic rights so there is the file


Do you have a chance to test it with another TV?
Either there is some incompatibility between your TV and SA30, which hopefully will be fixed (Arcam is still working on CEC and ARC compatibility, which is not easy due to differences in implementation between different TV manufacturers, and sometimes even within same brand), or your unit is faulty.
Would be good to check with other tv to rule out hardware issue.

Thanks for attaching the audio recording. The audio recording contains some distorted sections. The following offsets contains a human voice and the distortion is clearly noticeable:
2:28 - 2:30
2:47 - 2:52
3:55 - 4:00

The following section contains more human voices compared to the first part, the distortion is noticeable at the following offsets with human voice.
5:03 - 6:00
6:09 - 6:38
6:47 the distortion seems to be less compared with the previous part.
7:28 the distortion seems to be gone.

I submitted a ticket for this issue. I’ll keep you posted.