Will it be ok if…

…I connect an analogue VU Meter only rated for 100w to the speaker outputs of the SA30 (and in Series to the speakers) given it’s rated 130W at 8ohm and 200w at 4ohm? I assume that given you could connect lower rated speakers that would be ok so long as you don’t dial the volume up really high, that this would be too. Is that correct?

Sorry for what might be a numpty question!

VU meter or Watt meter? Do you have a model number?

Hi Madfiddler, a voltage meter has to be connected in parallel, a current meter in series. I’m not sure how to connect a VU-meter. According to this link: “It is usually connected at the output of the amplifier, in parallel with the speaker.”

In order to avoid any damage to your speakers, measuring device and your precious amp please be absolutely sure how to connect the VU-meter. Do you have any documentation on it how to connect the device? Maybe first try to setup the VU-meter on a less expensive setup? I’m not trying to be a wise guy, better safe than sorry. Please be careful.

I’m probably a sucker….I am sure you will all tell me that, but I’m only considering this for a bit of visual vintage flair!…yeah, I know, I know :roll_eyes:

I’m not worried about how you would connect up the thing. It’s a Vu meter that’s also a two way amp and speaker selector, so,two speaker inputs and two speaker outputs. The only thing that made me pause was the fact the manufacturer stated not to connect amplifiers more than 100w or it might be damaged. Dual Analog VU Meter 2-way Amplifier/Speaker Audio Switcher Box DB Panel Display

Most other available meters connect to a line/tape out, which the SA30 doesn’t have so you could only use them between source and the amp, so wouldn’t work for streaming or in my case where I have both a CDS50 and turntable

“0 VU is equal to +4 dBu, or 1.228 volts RMS, a power of about 2.5 milliwatts when applied across a 600-ohm load. 0 VU is often referred to as “0 dB”.”

VU meters are used in the line level path. Or that is the way I have always seen them used in tape decks, studio decks etc. Watt meters are used in the speaker outputs. I am not sure if the VU reading will mean much of anything hooked up as this unit does. But if you want a lighted bounce meter, it should work. But honestly, I would not put it in the signal path of my stereo system. It could degrade the sound. If you are looking for a speaker selector, there are better options in my opinion. There are also better options in line level switches. But hey, its cheap as long as you keep the power low enough not to fry its relays.

Thanks for thoughts and input,having read this review and some of the thread I think I’m knocking the idea on the head! Douk VU3 Review (VU Meters) | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum

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