Where is the best place to sell an Arcam SA 30?

I love the features but have decided to go back to my rebuilt HH Scott tube amp. Not sure what I’ll do for streaming but i really miss the sound and the glow and believe it or not the smell!

Audiogon? Facebook? Craigslist?

In my personal opinion I’d avoid Craigslist. You could try FB Marketplace but you have to watch for scammers and a million messages of “Is This Available” that lead to nothing. US Audiomart is a good resell site. Audiogon like you mentioned but I’ve never actually purchased or sold from there. I’ve always had good success buying used from Reverb.

In my opinion nothing compares to the sound of tubes…but I’ve never owned ultra high end solid state amps/preamps. Everyone has different tastes in sound as well, I’ve known people that hate tube amps. Tubes can definitely be an added expense as well. Good luck with your sale, enjoy your tubes!!:+1: