Are Arcam about to replace the SA30?

Just a question if anyone heard anything from any dealers.

Question purely based on RicherSounds in the UK having a clear out,

Bargain for anyone thinking of getting one still

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Wow that’s a great deal and it does suggest something is going to happen soon.
I wish I needed another amp, but I am all amped out at the moment

If I read it correctly, there’s just one display item and one refurbished item across all stores available at that price.

Maybe now, but sure there were more. I read also sa10/20 and cds50…… maybe you are right it’s a one off, but awfully cheap, just seems odd that Arcam would let them sell what was originally a £2k amp at that price.

Well, it’s a refurb…
But that is in fact i bet strange, especially if you thing that we haven’t got ANY firmware upgrade since, what, a year? And amp is still not fully stable, as it should (some issues with Spotify/Tidal connect at least).

I see that a lot with refurbished and open-box amps. Particularly at Best Buy here, There are often items missing like power cords, cables, remotes, etc…and sold as is.