Second hand price - Australia

Anyone know what a good price for a second hand one of these might be worth?

New RRP in Australia is $3950, I’m not sure what price my local guy would come down to.

A mate is thinking about selling his but I’ve no idea what price.

On EBay in the UK a seller has one for £1299 + £15 postage.

In Australian dollars that is $2457

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Seen few SA30’s in Poland for roughly 60-70% of RRP.
Seems like big depreciation, but considering actual prices (not RRP), not that bad.

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Do not buy this amp you will regret it. I bought it new and it is plagued with issues. I returned it for a full refund.

Obviously you have missed last firmware update, which fixed all major issues. Please read the forum first and get to know current status, before making such comment. SA30 is now stable and working really well.

Agree. I have no problems whatsoever in the sound after the last firmware update. I had full confidence that Arcam engineers would resolve the issues in the end.

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Hello Jay, I’m a SA30 owner of the first hour. Almost 2 years ago I would have said yes there are some software concerns. Nowadays Arcam invested serious effort to fix major issues. Of cause not all SA30 owners use it in the same way. Maybe you bumped into issues that were not fixed yet? I hope you found the amplifier that fits your expectations and needs.

zero issues since 1.62 (other than reloading DIRAC curves, which took all of 20 seconds)
1.72 is superbly stable after reset / reboot.
very tight, very fast, very capable streaming device with a top notch amp