Stick with a39 or get sa30

Hi ive just joined. I’ve got a working a39 that I’m fairly happy with but its depth causes me a problem when fitting it into my high unit. Also recently my arcam iRDAC broke so I’ve been looking around and can see that st60 and also sa30 are being heavily reduced. I know from reading a little here and on avforums that the sa30 has had quite a few issues and will no longer be supported. But I’m wondering whether it’s now worth a punt as I like the idea of dropping the box count.
Sounds like Dirac can be a game changer and so if I went for the at60 and kept the a39 I’d miss this. My guess is the a39 amp itself won’t be that different to the sa30 but maybe the phono stage is a little better on sa30.
Has any had the a39 and sa30?
I’d be mainly using the sa30 as and it’s a dac for my Apple TV and a bit of chromecast and airplay so sounds like I wouldn’t need to use the arcam app much. s.
Can’t audition so wondering would people stick with a39 get st60 or is Dirac really worth taking a gamble and getting sa30 instead?

Thanks Andy

You are right, that Dirac is a game changer.
Everything comes down to the price and user awareness.
I mean if you can get SA30 at good price, and you are aware of it’s issues (i.e. lack of support), get it.
I wouldn’t go ST60 route, as i’m afraid it’s also not going to be supported, so you’d be getting not supported streamer, without Dirac, and keep old amp. For me sounds like money wasted…
Sound-wise SA30 is similar to A39 as pure analogue amp.
If you would consider something else, there’s some other devices you could get. Lyngdorf TDAI-1120, NAD M10, miniDSP SHD Power (they all have good room correction systems).

Thanks Felix for your reply.
I am tempted with the AS30, I’m just nervous that one day it won’t work even as an amp/DAC I’m not sure how likely this is if the firmware doesn’t change. I can accept the apps not working - it’s the same on a smart TV.
I spoke to the store and they have plenty in stock so I have a few more days to think about it.

Ok, if that’s what worries you, than worry no more :slight_smile:
Well, theoretically it’s possible, but they would have to deliberately release firmware that breaks those functionalities. Yes, it’s possible to “break” even analogue part of the amp with firmware, but breaking volume control and input selector parts.
But that will not happen, so it will continue to work as amp and DAC.
What might stop working is apps/streaming, if there will be some breaking changes from providers (i.e. Google changes something in Chromecast protocol) and Arcam will not upgrade SA30 firmware to address the change.
Since Arcam will most probably not upgrade SA30 anymore, ti means any such change will redner some app unusable, but others will keep working.
However probability of Arcam breaking amp and DAC parts is close to zero.

Thanks Felix, yes that’s what I was thinking was most likley also. Appreciate you taking the time to reply.