Sleepy remote eventually wakes up

Recently my SA30 remote has, for want of a better description, taken to falling asleep.

If I pick it up to switch on the amp or change source after a period of not using it, the remote is seemingly asleep: the backlight doesn’t come on and pressing the buttons doesn’t have any effect on the amp.

I stress that this is not a case of me not first pressing the AMP button. That button also doesn’t do anything, just like the others.

However, after about 10 to 20 seconds of confused button mashing on my part, my remote always springs to life.

The backlight comes on and all the buttons work.

Has anyone else experienced this?

did you try pressing the AMP button before other buttons?

just joking, no idea

……………….new batteries?

try spinning the batteries to make sure you are getting good contact, Replace the batteries.


Thanks all. Spinning the fancy new Duracells a few times seems to solve the problem!

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I have the same problem though it never bothered me that much. Will put in some new batteries even though I bought my SA30 in October 2021.

I remember reading that if you press a button on the remote and it doesn’t immediately light up - you need to change the batteries!

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