SA30 makes wheird stuttering sound version 1.72

Still same issues, so I stick with v1.61 for now. Anyone ideas?

I recently got my SA30 and it has 1.62 v1027 on it. I think I leave it like this for the time being…

I’ve been experiencing this problem on the optical connection using Dirac live. The music is coming from Roon, which Airplays to a Bose Soundtouch Wireless Adapter to the Arcam optical SAT connection. The stuttering was introduced after I hooked up the Arcam. Does Arcam have a handle on this problem or do we have to keep resetting and unplugging the SA30 as a workaround?

I have the same problem as you! I also tried to play it with USB, I don’t know if it is a decoding problem. I want to solve it!

After resetting like you, I can play for hours with TIDAL! But in the end there was a stutter! A little suspected to be the cause of the heat! The machine is really hot when I touch it. Did you find a solution?

My specific problem is using Roon with the Bose Soundtouch WiFi Adapter connecting to the optical input to the SA30 via Airplay. Arcam responded to my problem “the digital clock on the bose device is drifting slightly. The SA30 has a narrow lock on the digital clock for the best precision and minimal jitter. However, if the clock of the source drifts, it will cause the drop outs you describe”. I have no way of verifying this or connecting other optical devices to the Arcam SA30 for testing and validation purposes. I will check with Bose on this issue. Bose Soundtouch works well in its own environment but when it comes to working with other technology I run into difficulty. It may be time to phase out the Bose Adapter for this purpose since it is old technology and the device is not longer produced by Bose. I have some workarounds for this so I will put my energy into eliminating the need for the Bose box. I still love my SA30.

I will also say that this problem only occurs when I play full res audio 44/16 and up when playing Roon. I’ve checked Roon and they don’t seem to be the issue. Using the Soundtouch app and playing compressed music does not cause the stuttering.

This too has been happening to me on digital inputs (Dirac enabled) via Chromecast and optical.

After a brief silence, the amp recovers and starts playing again.

My SA30 went in to the service centre for unrelated repairs last month and the firmware was upgraded to the latest version but the stuttering issue was present before this too.

Would be good if Arcam could confirm the stutter crash is on their radar.