MusicLife 4.0.1 (4016)

What to Test:

4.0.1 (4016)

  • Added Home Screen layout customisation to settings
  • Show more items if one or more Home Screen sections are hidden

4.0.1 (4015)

  • Fix crash when opening Now Playing screen with iPad or iPhone set to Audio Output
  • Tweak Home Screen section spacing
  • Fix Unsupported File error when playing to No5101/CDS50 from TIDAL
  • Prevent Home Screen sections resizing when toggling visibility of sources

We’ve been working hard to simplify the user experience, based on feedback from users all over the world. We hope you find this update as enjoyable to use as we do. We’ve completely redesigned the home screen so now you have access to:

  • Add your favourite albums, playlists, radio stations or podcasts to your home screen, making it quicker and easier to start listening each time you use MusicLife
  • Show your 30 most recently played albums, playlists, radio stations or podcasts
  • Hide services you don’t use so the ones you do care about are easier to find
  • Pick your audio output device on first launch, and we’ll reconnect to it each time
  • A fresh new theme which fits in perfectly with those late night sessions

Thank you for adding these improvements.

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This is beta version ? currently i have 3225

Yes, MusicLife 4 in currently in beta on iOS. If you want to participate refer to the next article.

I have 4016 installed. Today when I opened the app I couldn’t locate any UPNP sources. It said no UPNP devices available (they were). Toggling between show hidden / show favourites had no effect. I changed audio input to IPad then back to SA30 still not working. I had to uninstall and reinstall the 4016 version. It did bring the list of UPNP devices back but if I hide one it can’t be bought back by toggling

I also encountered UPNP sources weren’t available. I know in my situation the UPNP source sometimes crashes. I’m still observing the behaviour, I’m not able to file an issue yet because I’m not able to reproduce the behaviour yet.

My workaround is to shutdown the app (wipe app up on iPhone 11) and restart it.

I’ve gone back to 4015 at the moment.

Why does it showes MP3 instad of MQA on the app, when on SA30 display is 44.1kHz?

I just figured out a new slogan for Arcam.
ARCAM The never ending story.


Same here, experiencing it for more than a week.
Using Musiclife beta, other upnp app also won’t play MQA.

It’s fine in ROON though.

The mConnect plays MQA with no problems using UPnP on the SA30.

I just tried the latest beta version of MusicLife on Android. I played the same playlist as with mConnect, and as before it shows the MQA stream with no problem. Below is a screenshot of the MusicLife app and the built-in client.

Cant use mconnect on IOS, because of distortion all the time.

This is how it shows on ROON / Amp’s display.

This is what happens when I use Music Life.

No MQA and only 44.1KHz instead of 192KHz.

Blind shot, but I would try logging out of Tidal in MusicLife and logging back in. Or even as a last resort I would do a full reset (NET RESET and SYSTEM RESET). Maybe the streamer built into the SA30 saved the wrong information about the level available to your account. As I wrote earlier, both mConnect and MusicLife play everything in MQA from Tidal with no problem.

Personally I can never get mconnect to work now, it never finds the SA30 as a UPnP renderer. Since I changed my UPnP TTL setting in the router my amp starts up much quicker and MusicLife connects up without issue every time…,so happy to use it even though I’m not on the later beta, I’m waiting for the official release

@arcam_paul hi, any news on when official App Store versions are going to get updated? I’m on iOS. Cheers.

Yes, 9am today, for iOS and Android :slight_smile:

It could take an hour or so for the update to show as available on your device.

Thanks, good timing! Doesn’t appear live in the UK Apple App Store yet. I’ve just had an iOS 14.7 beta update so will be interesting to see if that cause any bother!

Just got 4.0.0 (1077) for Android, update dated on 15.06.2021.
Much nicer icon now :smiley:

Yep got it from Apple App Store now. Thanks.