MusicLife 4.1.0 (4101)

What to Test:

4.1.0 (4100) App Store Release

  • Minor tweaks to iPad layout
  • Fix placeholder cell VoiceOver message

4.0.1 (4018)

  • Fix unresponsive volume control on Solo Uno in 4017

4.0.1 (4017)

  • Change Home Screen “Show Hidden” to “Show All”, to make the behaviour clearer
  • Apply main tint to alert controllers
  • Fix Source visibility toggling
  • Fix black status bar in iOS 12
  • Use incremental volume instead of absolute in Now Playing volume control

4.0.1 (4016)

  • Added Home Screen layout customisation to settings
  • Show more items if one or more Home Screen sections are hidden

4.0.1 (4015)

  • Fix crash when opening Now Playing screen with iPad or iPhone set to Audio Output
  • Tweak Home Screen section spacing
  • Fix Unsupported File error when playing to No5101/CDS50 from TIDAL
  • Prevent Home Screen sections resizing when toggling visibility of sources

We’ve been working hard to simplify the user experience, based on feedback from users all over the world. We hope you find this update as enjoyable to use as we do. We’ve completely redesigned the home screen so now you have access to:

  • Add your favourite albums, playlists, radio stations or podcasts to your home screen, making it quicker and easier to start listening each time you use MusicLife
  • Show your 30 most recently played albums, playlists, radio stations or podcasts
  • Hide services you don’t use so the ones you do care about are easier to find
  • Pick your audio output device on first launch, and we’ll reconnect to it each time
  • A fresh new theme which fits in perfectly with those late night sessions

App Store release? Apple App Store for me is still showing 3.2.2 :man_shrugging:

This is an ongoing work, only available through testflight.

I’m not using ios, so not really my problem, but “App Store release” suggests it’s official release, and should be available for everyone, not only via testflight. But what do I know? :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Yeah that was really my question I suppose because that is how I read the original post :slightly_smiling_face:

I confirm the v3 is still the version on the app store:

This build still needs to be submitted and approved by Apple. We’re looking towards 1st April for general release, providing we get approved.