MusicLife 4.0.1 (4014)

What to Test:

We’ve been working hard to simplify the user experience, based on feedback from users all over the world. We hope you find this update as enjoyable to use as we do. We’ve completely redesigned the home screen so now you have access to:

  • Add your favourite albums, playlists, radio stations or podcasts to your home screen, making it quicker and easier to start listening each time you use MusicLife
  • Show your 30 most recently played albums, playlists, radio stations or podcasts
  • Hide services you don’t use so the ones you do care about are easier to find
  • Pick your audio output device on first launch, and we’ll reconnect to it each time
  • A fresh new theme which fits in perfectly with those late night sessions

Just tried it. The layout is a mess and it keeps crashing on my IPad so I’ve had to go back to the general release one in the App Store and turn off auto app updates so I don’t end up with it when it goes live.

Hi paulguk, it’s too bad that this update crashes on your iPad. Could you share the version of the iOS you’re using? The layout is messed up, could you also share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I’ll make sure your feedback is forwarded. Thank you.

I’ve uninstalled it now

No problem you uninstalled the app. What iOS version are you using? I’ll forward this info, maybe this is enough information.

iOS 14.4 on an IPad Pro.

Even if it didn’t crash I wouldn’t have kept it as the layout is a mess. I had no problems with how it was before.

I created a ticket for the crash. The crash logfiles will be submitted automatically by Test Flight. I think they have enough information. Thanks for reporting.

I’m curious what in particular you didn’t like about the new layout?
Is it the new home screen you didn’t like or the navigation or is something else? It would be very helpful if you could elaborate on this, I suppose this is feedback Arcam is looking for.

I’ll give it another try tomorrow. I was just a bit niggled when it was suddenly totally different to how I’m used to it.

Most of the features don’t interest me anyway as all I do is browse my library on my NAS and play albums in completeness. I don’t do playlists nor do I subscribe to any streaming sites. Occasionally I’ll listen to Radio 2 through it that’s about it.

All right, thanks for sharing.

I have re tried it this morning and with everything that I do with the app it will crash.There are too many scenarios to describe here.

I have provided feedback through the TestFlight app.

Ok. Thanks, if Arcam needs any more information then I’ll let you know.

I’ll be interested to see if I am alone with this. I’m using the latest Version of IOS on an iPad Pro so I would have expected them to have tested it on that.

My guess is Arcam doesn’t hit all possible use cases, probably you hit a use cause that hasn’t been tested.

Arcam reports the cause has been found and fixed. They will publish the fix later this day.

When they have fixed the crashing issue I will give it another go and give my thoughts.

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Same issue. Instant and repeated crashes on iOS.

Hi Mikeak, it might be the same cause. Please retry once the new build is available later on this day.

How do I customize? I tried to press the eye but those items disappear instead of being favourites. I tried pressing the item for a long time but thhen hidden items come back. It seems that the show favourites/show hidden does not work.

I would like my tidal albums, my minimserver albums and some radio stations as favourites. Or in short. I would like to fully customise what to have on the Home Screen.

Hi @Arnjo

You can show or hide individual services by using the ‘eye’ icon.

  • Tap Show Favorites: this will only show the services which have not been hidden
  • Tap Show Hidden: this will show all services, including hidden ones to allow you to show a previously hidden service.

I found a bug over the weekend where in some cases toggling between show hidden/show favourites does not bring back all the services. I’m currently investigating that to see what the cause is.

To add a specific album, or radio station as a Home Screen favourite, you can add this from the album/radio details view:

Thank you. I hope you want further feedback.

The bug is still there, and for me a bit random. I never know which sources turn up.

As for favorites I wanted the whole Album folder. Now Tidal Albums are three levels in (or down), I would like to have that folder (of albums) as a favorite.

And recent does not yet work I guess.


There was a bug where toggling Show Hidden/Show Favourites wouldn’t change anything. This has been resolved in 4.0.1 (4017) which is uploading now.

We don’t support adding arbitrary folders, only playable containers (Album, Podcast, Radio). I can’t immediately think of a reason why this wouldn’t be possible.

Recent is working - what have you tried playing?