Line level out for CD recorder

I would like to connect the amplifier to a CD recorder (Marantz DR 6000). Please advise how I can connect to a suitable line level output from the SA30 so I can route an analogue source input. Could I use the pre-amp out sockets?

If you use pre-amp out, you would need to crank up the volume to max. Otherwise signal will be attenuated.
I’m afraid it’s not that easy, as what you are looking for is tape recorder loop, which is very rare in modern amps.

Thank you Felix.

As I suspected, using pre-amp out is the only way that an analogue line level signal out of the SA30. I understand the thinking behind omitting a ‘tape loop’ feature in a modern amplifier, but it is frustrating that with its onboard DAC, the SA30 doesn’t have a ‘digital out’ connection (either coax or optical) which could be connected to a CD recorder. Fortunately, I have found a work-round using a separate off-board MM/MC phono amplifier to facilitate recording from a turntable source.


Well, times have changed. I’m guessing they haven’t thought about your specific use case. These days most people are not using tape or CD recorders.
They either use streaming, CD player or vinyl (all of those work with SA30, although streaming could be much better). And if someone is digitizing vinyls, usually chooses files, not CD recorder.
I guess there is no chance to build device that would suit us all :slight_smile:

Alas, that’s the problem. No tape out for either analogue nor digital.

But the Marantz can’t record better than 16/44. If all you want is a ‘reasonable facsimile’ of what was on the vinyl, this will do fine. If however you have a good turntable/arm/cartridge you may want to look at a better converter. PS Audio’s (discontinued) nuWave Phono Converter worked well and was well-reviewed. I currently use a Korg device - DS-DAC-10R - 1BIT USB-DAC/ADC | KORG (USA) - which can record in DSD. MM cartridges only; RIAA equalization can be turned off if you have a good phono preamp already. Around $300 on Amazon.