Connecting old tape recorder

Hi all,

I was wondering if it possible to connect an old tape reader/recorder from the 90s on the Sa30.
the reason why I’m trying to do that, is that I would like to record tapes for my yountimer car which has of course an autoradio with tapes like in the 80s.
I do remember that the amplifiers of the the 80s had those tape in and tape out specific for the tape devices, but that does not exist anymore.
Any advise on how to connect such a tape recorder ?

Thank you,

Connect the pre out on the SA 30 to the rec in on the tape deck. The tape out of the tape deck to an analog input on the SA 30, like PVR or STB. It’s not a perfect situation but it works. Plug a set of headphones into the SA 30 to monitor if you don’t want the speakers playing. I have done this with my tape decks and it works fine. Just set the SA 30 output to around 30 and then adjust the rec levels with the tape deck to get a good meter bounce.

Why is not ideal? What would be the “correct” way of doing this?
I was planning on getting a cassette player and record some of the vinyls using it…

Because it’s not a “tape out” fixed line level. So you have to mess about to get the amp at a volume that won’t distort the recording. If you have a recording level control on your tape deck and a db meter that should make it easier. Mine had a “monitor” option to test the level. The problem is that unless you go through the whole piece or CD or whatever it is that you want to record, you don’t now where in the music the peak levels are. So it’s a lot of trial and error.

If it were me I’d get a digital copy on your phone or other audio player and then use one for these…

Or one of these short range FM transmitters…


Thank you, makes sense. That’s a shame, but then again I don’t recall any tape dedicated output in modern amps…

Thank you very much for the advise Ken.
I will find an old tape recorder and give a try.

Cheers from France.

I do have this cocoda transmitter in my old Golf GTI but the connection is not that stable but it works somehow. might also be the old Blaupunkt autoradio.
If everything would work like the car after 40 years it would be great :slight_smile: