JBL sa750 Will not start

Hello from Sweden.
I’m cant start my JBL sa750 at all.
After turned it off on the backside and left it so for some days nothing works.
The red powerindicator lightens Up but nothing happens
Not the switch om The front of remote works.
I’m sorry for My bad writing.
Hope you understand.

Sorry to state the obvious, but that seems like a reason to contact JBL support. I am not sure whether the recovery/reset process is same as the SA30 but if you know how to do that it would be worth a try. Otherwise, return to dealer


Hi. thanks for quick reply.
how to do a reset?

The instructions for the SA30 can be found on this forum. I do not know if the same procedure applies to your JBL SA750, I would advise contacting their support team in the JBL web site for your country