Has anyone tried isolation feet/cones?

Hey, I hope everyone is having a good festive season.

Purely for the fun of it, and because I’m looking for a cheap and hopefully substantial hifi gift, I was wondering if anyone has tried /uses isolation feet /cones etc. with their Arcam, and if it’s worth the trouble.


Not on my amp. But I put IsoAcoustic Gaia 3’s under my old speakers [just moved them to my new Monitor Audio Gold 300’s last night]. Let me say that I don’t normally fall for the whole snake oil stuff like thousands of dollars worth of cables, but I did find a welcome improvement with isolation. It helped to “open up” the sound stage and overall musicality of my old Monitor Audios. I moved them straight onto the feet of my new speakers without a second thought.

I also have the IsoAcoustic ZaZen under my turntable. I am now thinking of the IsoAcoustic Orea feet for my CD transport. Anything which has obvious vibration or movement of any kind. I will draw the line at amps though

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I use washing machine isolation pads under my subwoofer. Cost about 7 pounds :joy:

I tried ssome siolation cones / feet under my speakers and they sounded absolutely awful … I wonder if the material was too soft but they really were terrible, it was a relief to take them off.

May be different with an amp that doesn’t weigh so much.

I don’t see the point

Do you think your amp is transmitting vibrations to a turntable? The amp itself won’t be affected by any vibrations unless you’re doing something daft, just stick it on a solid shelf unit and forget about it. Isolating a turntable is advisable though, and speakers as appropriate for their position as others have said.

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