CDS50 mechanical soud

First, apologies for asking a question on the CDS50. If not allowed, please feel free to delete it.

Now the issue:

During playback the CDS50 makes some mechanical noise (i do feel the CDS50 is quite noisy compared to my previous cd players and my bluray player), sort of similar to the sound you hear when pressing the previous/next button. Not as loud as but a brief plastic crickle that is audible during silent parts or listening at very low volume with my listening position about 2m away.

Also, it can be reproduced as it happens on similar moments in time on the same cd. timing is different on each CD so it doesn’t feel like an issue with speeding down or the servo mechanism as I would expect it to then occur at the same timing on each CD.

Anyone now if this is just normal behaviour of the mechanism?

many thanks in advance

Hi Ralf, welcome to the community! Although this is an SA30 forum, asking a question about CDS50 is no problem.

Unfortunately I do not own a CDS50 device. However I do have some additional questions which might help to troubleshoot the issue you’re facing. I believe there are some CDS50 owners on the forum, they might help.

  1. Is it possible to record some audio and/or video footage and post it here? Seeing and hearing the issue helps to find the cause.
  2. Do the speakers produce the (audio?) sound or does the CDS50 produce the (mechanical?) sound itself?

Best regards,

Sure. I cannot upload files, but have it linked here:

This was recorded with my ihone near the drive. It’s the sound at 5 seconds in. It’s recorded with the amplifier off.

Curious about anyone’s ideas. Hope it’s not faulty as i already had my SA20 break down.


I have an Arcam CDS50 player. Never heard any mechanical “noise” when playing a CD as you describe here. Have downloaded and listen to the sound file too.

When playing a CD and if I use the next/prev buttons I can hear a “very low click” when it changes the tracks, but only if I have my ear in front of the player at a distance of 10-15 cm and no other sound/noice in the background.

So, what to say…?

I just hear a clunk on that recording is that right? I had to turn up volume and out my ear to it to hear :man_shrugging:t2:

Otherwise for me same as BVM ……only noise as such is as the tray goes in and out

It’s the clunk sound indeed at 5sec indeed. Similar sound as prev/next but not as loud (mine is pretty noisy when switching tracks).

It does occur at fixed points in the cd so my initial thought is some error correction or laser alignment but the cd is unscratched and it happens with about every cd.

My CDS50 produces a rather loud click when loading and changing tracks. It doesn’t bother me though. While playing: no clicks.

I have experimented a bit more, it is sort of reproducable. It doesn’t always happen but if it does,it does occur on same place on CD.

still not sure if it is disc related, mechanism or over-active error correction.

Reached out to Arcam support and they suggest to bring the unit in for repairs. Will be taking it to the dealer Thursday to first compare it to their CDS50 and then see what to do.

Luckily have my Pioneer bluray player as backup.

Keep ya posted on what it is.