Arcam release strategy

I was wondering if anyone knows a bit more about the ARCAM release strategy.
They must have a plan or something defining the releases.
This is pure software development.
Working myself in IT and being responsible for a quite a big system, I can’t imagine working without a release plan.
Do they release a new version x time a year etc…

Just curiosity, but may be we are too much organized in the pharmaceutical industry !

I don’t know about any release plan, I would be happy with release notes :wink:

All we can do here is guess about it. I think they won’t disclose this kind of information to a public forum.

ok. I’m just surprised that they distribute as frequently and easily beta releases.
On the other hand there is no better tester than an end user !
Hopefully they still do internal testing.

I think they use the share for other purposes as well. From an earlier inquiry about was replaced with

I think we consider this a limited beta, meaning it’s for people were directly in contact with, ie; our sales reps, select dealers, engineering and yourself.

I’m sure they perform internal tests.