Any French iOS users here?

Hi folks

We had some anonymous feedback on the iOS MusicLife beta, saying that some of the text fields display a qwerty keyboard rather than azerty.

As the feedback was anonymous I have no way to ask for additional information, so I’m reaching out to see if anyone else has experienced the same situation, and can help me track down where this is happening.

Hello Paul,
Yes, me :slight_smile:

Hi Alex!

Have you encountered this yourself? If so do you know where I should begin looking? My suspicion is that it would occur when you:

  • Go to login to a service, e.g. TIDAL, Qobuz etc
  • Search for a specific item in a service, Radio, TIDAL etc

I can’t think of any other areas we ask for keyboard entry.

Hello Paul,

Never used the app before.
I just downloaded it to check your point.
When trying to connect to a service (I don’t have any existing account) or when searching a radio, the keyboard follows the default keyboard (French in my case):

Same for the beta version:

Thank you so much Alex!

This looks like the correct behaviour then, I can ignore it. Thanks.

You are welcome Paul :slight_smile:

hello Paul
Yes me too !

Thanks Kalao, I think we have it covered, but if you use the app and find somewhere where the keyboard changes from azerty to qwerty please let me know!

I made this notification in the TestFlight app. I think it was while logging in on Tidal or doing a search in Tidal (using the musiclife app) that I encountered this issue.

I just checked it again and now I have the azerty-keyboard, so it works fine.

Hi @a_muz_ed,

If you encounter it again, let me know. The easiest way to to this while running the MusicLife beta is to take a screenshot, then tap on the screenshot, and tap the share icon (looks like a box with an arrow pointing out of the top).

If you then press Share Beta Feedback it will send us the screenshot and any notes you type, for example explaining where the behaviour occurs.