TIDAL can’t skip tracks with MusicLife app, ref#101

I don’t know what happened after update of Music Life , but now, when I’m going in TIDAL I can not play next track by pressing NEXT icon. Any idea ? Tried all options in settings - Default Action. Only can rewind the track from beginning.

Hi tivanov, are you refering to this iOS build?

I do not have a TIDAL account, therefore I cannot reproduce it. I assume the first steps you took are:

  1. start Music Life app on iOS
  2. go to TIDAL
  3. login with your credentials

Please fill in the remaining steps.

After you completed the steps I will forward it.

No , my build is 3.2.0 (3201) Only with TIDAL can’t skip tracks.

I reported it. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi tivanov,

I received a swift response. You are advised to contact support at arcam.support@harman.com and refer to this ticket. They will try sort it out together with you. Because I do not have a TIDAL subscription I think a direct communication to Arcam support is preferred in this case.

In the meantime the general trouble shooting are:

  • Power off the SA30, either with the power button or the plug socket for 30 seconds
  • Restart the phone or tablet
  • Power back on the SA30
  • Try playing something via TIDAL and show a screen shot of the Now Playing screen - are the skip buttons greyed out?
  • Open the playlist with the icon, and does it have all the songs you’d expect?

I hope you’re able to find a solution.

mConnect works fine, so it seems the problem is in Music Life , a very buggy app :slight_smile: