Streaming requires power cycle and limited remote functionality

Hi, all. I did a lot of reading on this website before purchasing my SA30 recently, so I appreciate everyone’s comments and efforts over the years. Overall, I’ve been happy with it, but I’m curious if others are experiencing the same quirks as me.

  1. Power cycle required after streaming - After streaming via Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect on the SA30, oftentimes sound will not play through the ARC input. I think this happens with other inputs as well, but I primarily use those two inputs. Power cycling the amp using the power button on the receiver resolves the issue.

  2. Limited remote functionality - The receiver doesn’t respond to many of the buttons on the remote besides basic functions like volume and inputs. I am able to use the buttons on the front of the receiver. I’ve always had the HDMI plugged in, so I’ve assumed it was eARC handshake issues.

I figured I’d mention these issues here in hopes that they might get addressed in a future update. They can be a challenge for my wife and friends trying to use the TV. My SA30 has the latest firmware and is plugged into my router (ethernet cable) and TV (HDMI).

Are you hitting the amp button on the remote. Sometimes it requires that to make it functional


No, I haven’t used the AMP button, but looking at the manual now, I think that’s what I’ve been missing. Thank you for the suggestion!


Pushing the AMP button has resolved the limited remote functionality issue. Thank you, @Norway1982sa30!