Newbie / Which Version Software

I’ve just bought a 2nd hand one and waiting for it to be delivered, I’m kind of guessing the seller didn’t like doing software updates / had problems with it and hence why he’s selling and was selling it at a reasonable price as a result.

1st thing I’ll do having read a bit about some of the issues is check and possibly update to the latest firmware whick looking in the Arcam site is V1542 … is this the best to go to / problem free or are there earlier releases that are more stable?

I’ve also seen people have had various issues trying to upgrade, generally is it better to download it and plug it into the USB drive, install from a download on the local network or straight from the internet?

Can’t wait for it to arrive (Tuesday hopefully) as I uodated my speakers recently and an AVR probably isn’t doing them justice.

Any help /advice, either on my software query or any other suggestions much appreciated.

The latest version is stable. I would recommend downloading it to a USB drive/pen and updating it that way if required.

Don’t forget to do a System and NET reset afterwards.

Cheers for that … it actually arrived early, I’ll check it now and do the resets as well.

One thing I’ve found, if I press the Amp button on the remote so I can access menu, after that I can’t get it to go back to operating nomally … things like volume etc. I’ve tried pressing other buttons like mode but it makes no difference I have to hard switch the unit off and back on again for the remote to become functional again.

Does it need the firmware updated? If it does I would say do that first then see how it behaves.

I checked and it has got the latest … I don’t know if the previous owner then did System and MET resets, I’d guess though of he was doing the update he probably would have.

Do the resets yourself anyway.

Cheers for that, have done them and now the remote seems to be functioning fine thank you :slight_smile: