MusicLife 4: disable the ‘Recent’ part, ref#121

Having used it for a day on my iPad. I do actually like the new layout. It all seems to work ok now as well.

If I were to forward one suggestion it would be that I would like to be able to disable the ‘Recent’ part of the front screen and in doing so make room for more ‘Favourites’.

Thanks for sharing the suggestion, I created a ticket for it (ref#121)

Arcam responded the enhancement is feasible, they are looking at the options. One of the possibilities is to offer the enhancement through the settings view for users who want more control over what they see.

I cant find it in the appstore. :man_shrugging:

The beta version isn’t in the App Store only the latest final release which is version 3.2.2…

If you want to try the beat version that this thread refers to then click the link at the top of this thread.

The link to Music Life beta testing on iOS:

Hi @paulguk

Thanks for suggesting this. I hadn’t considered users may not want Recent. I’m working on a setting which will let you control the visibility of both the Favourites and Recent sections.

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In my case, I would rather be able to utilise the space to hold more favourites.

Yes that makes sense.

At the moment I’m trying to decide how best to occupy that space. Currently we offer 3 rows, and n columns. If you remove either favourites or recent, we increase this to 5 or 6 rows.

We’ll see how that works first, before deciding if we need to make that user configurable.

@arcam_paul i know it’s off-topic here, and not really your area, but do you possible have any info on Android app? Is something going on there? So far as Android user i feel… a little bit left out, so say it in a nice way.

Hi @Felix

I do actually. So in addition to the iOS app, I also manage the Android team. They are currently tasked with bringing over this redesign to Android. Moving forward we want to get parity between Android and iOS, but for a multitude of reasons, this hasn’t been easy in the past, and so the Android application has been behind iOS.

We are acutely aware of the scope for improvement on Android, but I’d like to assure you we are commited to improving the experience.

I’m afraid I don’t know much about the tooling for Android, so I don’t know if there is scope for a beta process like there is on iOS, but we are generally aiming for a Play Store release around the start of each month.

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Thank you Paul. Sounds promising.
Would be actually nice to have some kind of beta program also for Android if possible.
I guess there’s no timeline yet?

We’re targetting the beginning of April for both iOS and Android.

I’ll ask the team if they have any experience about a Play Store beta, right now they just give us .apk files which we manually install.

Thanks. Kind of public beta would be really beneficial for all i guess.
Personally i can go with .apk :smiley: