MusicLife 4.0.1 (4015)

What to test

  • Fix crash when opening Now Playing screen with iPad or iPhone set to Audio Output
  • Tweak Home Screen section spacing
  • Fix Unsupported File error when playing to No5101/CDS50 from TIDAL
  • Prevent Home Screen sections resizing when toggling visibility of sources

We’ve been working hard to simplify the user experience, based on feedback from users all over the world. We hope you find this update as enjoyable to use as we do. We’ve completely redesigned the home screen so now you have access to:

  • Add your favourite albums, playlists, radio stations or podcasts to your home screen, making it quicker and easier to start listening each time you use MusicLife
  • Show your 30 most recently played albums, playlists, radio stations or podcasts
  • Hide services you don’t use so the ones you do care about are easier to find
  • Pick your audio output device on first launch, and we’ll reconnect to it each time
  • A fresh new theme which fits in perfectly with those late night sessions

It all seems to work for me now. The changes make it less cluttered.

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@jvs1 it seems you’re in contact with Arcam.
Any news on Android app? So far it seems they don’t really care about Android users, which is quite interesting considering user base. Personally I don’t like Apple devices (and software), and have none of their devices. And will not have in future.
Somehow I feel Arcam doesn’t give a damn about me as a client/user…

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I do not have any news on the Android app except it crashes on my device, probably due to my very old Android version (6.0.1). It should be supported because the minimal requirement Android version is 5. I created a ticket for it (not published on forum yet). Personally I do not use Android in general, I prefer iOS.

It sad to read how you feel about the Arcam Android support. It seems you’re not alone. Almost 150 reviewers rewarded Music Life on the Play Store with a 1.8 out of 5! The first 1 star review is dated December 2018. Although the total number of reviewers are not comparable the iOS version of the app seems to be rewarded better: 3.1 out of 5 with 16 reviewers. I do not know the reason why Android support is neglected for such a long time (and still is?).

« Somehow I feel Arcam doesn’t give a damn about me as a client/user… »

Believe me, your feeling is shared…

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Thanks, was just curious.

To be honest I don’t care about the reviews. App is not the best, but on the other hand I prefer it over I.e. mConnect.
What bothers me is that during last year MusicLife for iOS got 2 major updates, and is now (beta) in 4.x version.
During the same time Android version got fix for Android 10 crash (after being unusable for several months), and new models were added to supported devices after
6-9 months after their market release.
So I seehuge gap here in the way customers are treated.
I don’t care about how Arcam works (I heard that Android app development is outsourced). As paying customer I would like to get equal treatment.
If I’m made to choose, I will change Arcam to something else, rather than switch to Apple devices…

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