MusicLife 3.0.4 (3041)

What to Test:


  • Add: JBL units to airable compatibility list
  • Add: Notice when opening local library
  • Fix: Some missing artwork in playlists
  • Fix: Playlist details cell use the wrong ‘missing artwork’ image
  • Fix: Crash when loading previously saved playlist

when browsing the Synology NAS I do not get the art cover in the Album display mode, however when a song is played the cover appear in small o the bottom line and when I click on the line to maximize it the cover is there as well.
I had already the same behavior with the previous version

I noticed the same behaviour with one particular album. Did you try another Music Life version? You can install different versions in TestFlight. I will try to elaborate why this particular album is not shown later this eventing.

No I did not try with another version as I have installed the NAS yesterday only

Just tried with 2 previous versions 3.0.3 and 3.0.2 I still can’t see any cover

I created an issue for my situation and referred to your situation, refer to here: Album art not shown in MusicLife. Please have a look. After you confirmed the issue I’ll create a ticket.

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