MusicLife 3.0.3 (3031)

What to Test:

  • Fix: Deleting current song doesn’t update playing animation #3394
  • Fix: Removed items when shuffled reappear when toggling shuffle of
  • Fix: Long track titles overlap … action buttons in Album View #3401
  • Fix: Update playlist header when removing individual tracks
  • Fix: Update current playlist header when saving or clearing
  • Fix: Dismiss keyboard when search result tapped
  • Fix: Grid collection view cell labels not visible in dark theme GH#68, refer to
    Artist and album names are not visible in large album art view due to lack of contrast in dark theme, ref#68

How can I get the link to the beta version to test it with TestFlight ?

Hi Hoffmap, welcome to the forum! Follow the link in the banner, can miss it :wink:

And follow the instructions, if you have TestFlight installed then the link opens in TestFlight, accept and your done. Don’t forget to report anything that is not working as expected :slight_smile:

Happy testing :+1:

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