Feature request, digital filters

first of all, a big thank you for the people who manage this forum!

As a newbe, I am trying to change the digital audio filters. It is said (in the owners manual pg EN-21) that they would subtly change the sound, but I don’t hear anything changing. I acces via the Arcam remote app in Net mode. One would at least expect hear the switching. Do I have to do some reset to enable it?

nope, tbh ive never heard a difference.

I never heard any difference when changing filters. But, I found this in this forum…

”According the manual as far as I understand the filters is noticeable bellow 48khz and I imagine this filters could works for signal with low sample rate. Something like to clean the noise caused of the low samples rates.”

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There is a post on this forum that is about digital filters, the links in the post are very interesting and explain various aspects of the digital filter feature.

I could hear the difference, mainly in the bass. It’s subtle so you need to have good ears I guess. Sometimes bass was flabby. There were a couple that it sounded better on. Anodising and one of the slow filters if I recall.