Async Issue with all digital inputs, ref#85


  • Windows Pro version 1909 used
  • Connect PC and SA30 through digital coaxial, following audio harware is tried:
  1. onboard soundcard
  2. Xonar Essence STX II


Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 build 634, v1.27 is used

  2. start Arcam Music Life 2.2.4 (734) app on Android

  3. Choose optical or caxial input (output device is a windows desktop pc) and playback any video file (Netfix, Youtube in Chrome or Firefox, local video files with different players, DVDs, etc.) and different output drivers (ASIO, Windows Standard devices and WASAPI).

Actual result

Audio is always delayed, async form video. If higher Hz rates are choosen the effect is more noticeable (from 44.100 Hz to 192.000 Hz).

Only if using analog input without any processing (direct mode) the delay/async problem disappears.

Expected result

Seamless playback of videos without delay

Additional information

Issue was reported to ARCAM and they will contact me. Will keep you up to date with answers

Arcam SA30 version 1.21 is used

Please be aware v1.21 is the current released SA30 firmware. The most recent beta software which is released can be found here: SA30 build 623, version 1.25.4

Could you please retest your findings with this beta installed?

  1. start Arcam Music Life iOS app, build TBD is used (Andoid App Crashes)

Are you referring to the iOS or Android Music Life app?

Choose optical or caxial input

I assume you connect your PC to SA30 though an optical cable? Please confirm.

I have the following additional questions:

  1. Please state Windows version used.
  2. What software and version is used for playback.

Updated to beta v1.27
Findings stay the same.

I have an Android Smartphone. Currently this App is not usable with Android 10.

No currently I am using digital coaxial not optical as my connection. I have done all my testing optically with onboard soundcard and my Asus Xonar Essence STX II and with coaxial on the Xonar soundcard.

Windows Version is 1909

Playback as stated with various playback methods and players (VLC, Pot-Player, MPC-HP, Youtube over Firefox and Chrome, etc.)

It really does not matter. If I use digital in on the ARCAM I get the delay. Should be easily reproducible, unless my digital board is broken and I doubt that.

Just for trouble shooting purposes. Is is possible to connect your PC to SA30 analogue input, e.g. CD and use analog direct. @AleisterCrumpet reported in ARC: audio and video are not in sync, ref#52 - #4 by AleisterCrumpet there is no delay if he used analogue input icw analog direct. I was wondering if the same delay was occurring once you used this setup. If you cannot connect it through the analogue input, that is no problem. I’ll create the ticket without this information.

Please ignore my latest comment. I overlooked some text in you issue. I created the ticket. I’ll keep you posted about the progress.

OK. I can report that the Music Life App got an update and works now

Nice, I forgot to mention a couple of days ago Arcam released a new Android version of MusicLife 2.2.4 (734) with the fix MusicLife doesn't start on Android 10, ref#70 you were looking for. I already thought Music Life app was not relevant to your issue.

Latest response:

I believe this is a duplicate of ARC: audio and video are not in sync, ref#52 but there is additional information, which I shall pass on.

OK thats why I originaly posted my finding on the ARC topic and you told me to open a seperate one :grinning:

You’re right, I was thinking of that too after I read the response :wink: I hope they are able to fix it.

Hi @eeck, there is a new SA30 firmware version 1.33 build 705. Could you please have a look if new build solves this issue? Thank you.

not completely. It`s down to about 35-45ms and still noticeable. I already shared this information with ARCAM. So far, I haven’t heard if they can or will fix the issue.