Phono Stage review

I am new to vinyl and would like to know other users option of the built in MM/MC phono stage, as compared to high quality external unit.


what cartridge are you using? Moving magnet or moving coil? Output?


I have a Goldring 1042 MM, I was just wondering what other owners thought of the internal the phono stage compared to a high quality separate stage.

Its a decent phono stage. It was a bit lifeless and noisy with my Koetsu Urishi Vermillion. But my cartridge has a very low .2mv output. I bought a Teac PE 505 to match my cartridge. You should get great results with your Goldring. You can always explore a separate phono stage later, but I think your money might be better spent on vinyl.

Thanks. It’s my first turntable and amp in many years and have nothing to compare the built in phono stage with to that of an external unit.

I think the Arcam will match well with your Goldring. The Arcam has a very nice phono stage. I am sure it is all OP Amps, but these chips have drastically improved over the years. Arcam has experience making good budget phono stages. My problem was my cartridge’s low out put was at the extreme end of what the built in phono stage is capable of. You’re in the spot where I think the Arcam was designed to excel. Start the vinyl hunt! But yes, a good external phono stage maybe 600.00 dollars or more will probably be better, but you lose an analog input and 600.00 dollars worth of new vinyl. You’re set.


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I use Graham slee amp2 special edition phono stage. I’m not an audiophile, and I don’t feel a difference between it and Arcam’s internal. Which one is better in your opinion?

Its all cartridge matching… the Graham is most likely a better phono stage but if you are not hearing a difference, going direct to the Arcam bypasses a set of cables and a power supply. I would use the Arcam and save the Graham for a cartridge that can reveal the resolution of the Graham, or sell it and buy vinyl. Personally, I would sell it and buy vinyl and enjoy the simplicity of using the Arcam.


Thank you Ken for, will see.