MusicLife and Adroid

I was wondering what other android users experience with the MusicLife app?

MusicLife refuses to control my ST60. If I touch the 5 dots this is the screen I get.

However, my UPnP server shows up and I can queue and play tracks but from Qobuz or Deezer I don’t get any of the play or queuing options.

I borrowed an iPad and everything works as expected, the controls for volume and standby etc also show on the iPad when clicking the 5 dots.

I should have added. I’m using the most recent version in the Play Store, version 4.0.8 and I’ve tried it on 4 Android devices. My tablet and phone are both Android 12. The ST20 is connect to my network via Ethernet and has the latest firmware v1542

Edit: Added more detail

These are the other screenshots of the options I get:

Greg from the questions I asked and the reading I did, Musiclife looks like a disaster on Android but is also not required.
I have not used it once since I got my SA30, and I do not think I have missed out on anything