Arcam SA30 with Lulon and Jamicon Capacitors

Hi Felix

“BTW - i’m also engineer with more than 20 years of experience, and? Does it prove any point or make mine (or your) arguments “more valid than others”?”

The meaning of the point is that with the knowledge and experience we have , we are able to identify weak engineering or selected parts and point of improvements. I have done Many , many repairing , restorations and Tests. Man, I can tell you there is a lot of changes depending the quality of the parts. I did not want to believe it because there is a lot snake oil around, but man, the sound do not lie.

I won’t replace all caps, just the critical ones. Example Main power supply, signal path and DAC side.


Hi Peter, thanks for your insight. For the Main power supply I guess is the four capacitors the 18,000uf and 10,000up. For the Signal path which are these ? also for the DAC side which are these ? any input or pictures are appreciated. Thank you.

Signal path use Lelon 10 uf/16v NP. Best replacement is Nichicon NP, the green ones. Highest voltage like 25v is better due the lowest ESR. DAC uses LM317 set as 9V regulator. A very good upgrade will be an Sparkos or Belleson low noise regulator. There is 4 capacitors Lelon of 100uf/25V, 470uf/16V and 4,7 uf/50v. Just open the device and the top board is the DAC PCB.


Thank you Peter, appreciate it very much. I may have some more questions in the future. :slight_smile:

Any time , your welcome. Will upload my upgrade and sound impressions


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Hello Peter… Interesting thread and opinions etc. What is the latest in 2023? Has anybody tried or done and replacement parts in heir SA30 and what was the end result. Many thanks. Luke